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The principle of laser pen and how to choose

A laser pointer is a tool that USES lasers as instructions.Can indicate the length of the more far, can replace the pointer indicating tools such as, can also be used, such as playing slide PPT for instructions.Use a laser pen, can see light spot in a few metres away, thus the laser pen are commonly used for instruction.

The red laser pen is easier to do, the wavelength of about 600 nanometers, the mature technology, and the mature semiconductor materials.And green laser wavelength is about 530 nanometers, currently the band of the semiconductor laser technology is not very mature, so the price of green laser pointer is expensive, low power.

How to select laser pen:

Light bulb, lens, laser crystal and laser pen power affect the quality of laser beam. Consumers should pay attention to the following points when choosing:

1. Carefully observe the spot in the darker area, and if there is a visible light around the laser point, the lens is not qualified.

2. Observe whether the plaque is a perfect solid dot.

3. If you look closely at the question of whether the laser will be flicked or dimmed, if so, there is a problem with the bulb.

4. If a laser pen with a smaller power (20 milliwatts below), it is necessary to observe whether the brightness of the laser will be dimmed by the light of the laser, if it is to indicate that there is a problem with the circuit or light bulb of the laser pen.

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