Elvin Mamishzada wins the Men's Flyweight (52kg) | Boxing | Baku 2015

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Elvin Mamishzada wins the Men's Fly (52kg)

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Boxing, one of the most popular sports in Azerbaijan, requires dedication, skill and self-discipline of both mind and body. Considered one of the oldest and most traditional sports, early evidence of boxing dates back to 688 BC. The era of modern boxing is considered to begin in the 18th century when the Marquess of Queensberry Rules were published in 1867.

One of the sports that has the most number of competition days in the Baku 2015 programme, Boxing will be held over a 12-day period from 16–27 June and feature 330 athletes and 15 medal events. There will be 10 weight categories for men and five weight categories for women, which for the first time in a multi-sport event is an increase from the usual three weight categories for women. Bumper crowds will be cheering on their boxing heroes – both local and international – in the setting of Crystal Hall.

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