Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Jurgen Klopp


Zlatan asks Klopp "when you bring me to Dortmund?"
Zlatan: When you bring me to Dortmund?
Jurgen: Oh please
Zlatan: Not in front of the camera
Jurgen: I would have to sell the whole team
Zlatan: No... I come for free... How are you?
Jurgen: If you come for free, it'll be okay.
Jurgen to the reporter: Did you hear what he say?
Zlatan to the reporter: Come to free to Dortmund
Zlatan: If not for the president of Paris.
Jurgen: If you want, call me.
Zlatan: How is everything? good?
Jurgen: everything is fine.
Zlatan: very good
Jurgen: good good
Zlatan: Happy to see your team, very strong team
Jurgen: It's hard work but it's ok
Zlatan: Hard work, but at the end you get credit for it. So it's good.
Jurgen: Yeah yeah, it's nice.
Zlatan: very good.
Jurgen: I enjoy your game
Zlatan: thank you, thank you, all the best

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