Woman addicted to chewing urine-soaked nappies


Woman addicted to chewing urine-soaked nappies ; A very strange addiction: Woman can't stop sniffing and chewing urine-soaked nappies
If you're struggling to break free from a coffee-fuelled caffeine boost in the morning, spare a thought for this young woman.
Keyshia from Queens, New York, has become addicted to sniffing and chewing on urine-soaked diapers and says 'the more pee the better'.
The 22-year-old hoards dirty nappies from both friends and strangers and takes them with her everywhere she goes.
'I love it, it just tastes amazing. I have one when I'm cooking in the kitchen, I have one in my drawers, I have one when I'm sleeping, I keep some in my trunk, I keep some in my pocket book ,' she explains enthusiastically.
'You know when you're walking into a room and you smell a strong smell like food and you kind of taste it? That's what it's like.
'The heavier ones that have more pee smell better.'
Keyshia's unusual story features in entertainment channel TLC's new episode of My Strange Addiction.
A teenager addicted to eating deodorant previously appeared on the show and said: 'It just melts in my mouth.'
It also featured a man in love with inflatable pool animals.
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