VIDEO: Cannibal Brothers 'Dug up and ATE100 Corpses'


VIDEO Cannibal brothers 'dug up and ate 100 corpses'

Cannibal brothers 'dug up and ate 100 corpses'

Mohammad Arif and Mohammad Farman are accused of plundering a local graveyard and cooking and eating the bodies they stole. Police discovered a child's head when they raided their home in Punjab province.
Boy's HEAD found in home of Pakistani cannibals who had dug up more than 100 corpses from the local graveyard and eaten them Three-year-old boy's head found in home of convicted cannibals in Pakistan Discovery made after residents complained of 'stench' at the house One brother arrested while the other is being hunted by police Men previously jailed for digging up and eating 100 corpses at burial site

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