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Вид с дрона, как армянские фашисты ударили ракетами город Гянджа – 11.10.2020

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Armenia attacked the Azerbaijani people with a missile. Ganja city after the incident

After the humanitarian "ceasefire", several cities outside of conflict zone including Ganja, second biggest city of Azerbaijan, are under the rocket attack of Armenia! Civilians are killed and wounded in their sleep!
- At least 10 civilians killed and more than 40 civilians injured, search and rescue efforts continue.
- Impact of the missile(s) has caused a huge hole on four-story, 24-apartment buildings.
- Surrounding residential apartments and buildings have left in ruins.
The political and military government of Armenia must be held responsible for the act!

Armenian Church is more important than Azerbaijani civilians? Why the world is still silent about it??? This is not even a conflict zone. #Ganja #StopArmenianTerrorism #KarabakhWar #PrayForGanja

Raket zərbəsindən sonra - Gəncə 11 oktyabr 2020

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