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Two Feet - Go Fuck Yourself

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DROP BE LIKE?! Two Feet has gained an almost cult-like organic following after uploading “Go Fuck Yourself” on his SoundCloud. Today is the day, he releases his debute EP "First Steps" through Majestic Casual Records. Download the song for free now →
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First Steps EP is a collection of four tracks from the Harlem based songwriter/producer, whose sexy bedroom productions touched a nerve. He sounds like a mixture of Jai Paul, Darkside, Jack Garratt, Junior Kimbrough and Glass Animals.

Aside from finishing a follow up EP to come on Majestic Casual Records in the near future, Two Feet is preparing for multiple EU Festival shows this Fall, as well as a few select performances in the NYC area.
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"Go Fuck Yourself" creeps in with a minimal intro, before a heavy drop unexpectedly changes the whole dynamic. Written in one working session, the grimy, sexual track I decided to do something with guitar and it all sort of fit together extremely quick I wrote that track in one working session

"Quick Musical Doodles & Sex" mixes an extremely weighty bass with slick guitar riffs, with a sound which can be said to draw similarities to Junior Kimbrough and Ben Khan.

Created in a day, the vocal centric "Her Life" is based off a story of a family member. One of the more introspective tracks on the EP, it still manages to maintain a little bit of the sultry essence which is quickly becoming Two Feet's signature sound.

"You're So Cold" is defined by distinctive bouncing guitar and bass line parts, drawn from influences such as Darkside and The Zombies. The track is resplendent with breathy, rhythmic vocal parts which form a natural interplay with the instrumentation, and concludes the EP on a slightly more uptempo note.

“I was drunk after coming back from a bar with friends and had made “Go Fuck Yourself” earlier that day in a couple hours. It was late and I assumed no one would hear it but I was sick of all the planning that had gone into my previous releases and said fuck it…”

The next morning, the Harlem based songwriter/producer woke up to his new Soundcloud account with a few thousand plays, loads of comments and inquiries from multiple label scouts.

After years of different projects and studies at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, his voice had finally found him.

“I didn't set out to write an EP I just set out to write music I really wanted to hear. I spend a lot of time on Soundcloud and I started getting bored of the fact that everything sounded the same so I wanted to make something different. The vision was never clear and it is still developing. It sorta just happened.”

Fusing rhythm and blues guitars with modern dance music techniques, Two Feet has found a unique framework and voice within the vast world of bedroom producers and emerges as a fresh take on what modern day alternative music can be.
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