The Score - Til The Stars Burn Blue [Original]

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“Til The Stars Burn Blue” by The Score, from The Score EP
Available on Spotify, iTunes and all digital retailers Feb 18, 2014.
Written, Produced & Mixed by The Score
Bass by Erik Philbrook
Female vocals by Tamara Joy
Verse 1
Suddenly life is like a ghost that’s catching up to me
Telling me what I should be and (what) to believe
The only thing I know for sure is how I feel whenever I’m with you
Let’s go far away, farther than we ever dreamed we could today
Pick a star and hold on tight lets fly away
I’d steal them all and put you there cuz nothing shines brighter than you do
They can say that we can’t, they can say that we don’t, they can say that we won’t make it through
I don’t believe in much but I believe in us so trust me when I say I promise you
Til the stars burn blue, there’s nothing they can do, to hold me back from you we’ll light up the sky, ya just you and I til the stars burn blue
Verse 2
Keep holding on, even if you stumble I won’t let you fall
Cause where we’re going ain’t easy but you’re worth it all
Just close your eyes and take my hand don’t be afraid to jump when I say to.
Don’t be scared if you lose your way just hear my voice when the church bells say

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