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The Chemical Brothers - Got To Keep On (Official Video)

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New single 'Got To Keep On’ taken from The Chemical Brothers’ forthcoming new album 'No Geography' - Out April 12th: / Video directed by Michel Gondry & Olivier Gondry
Produced by Raffi Adlan
Production Company: Partizan

Executive Producer UK: Claire Stubbs
Executive Producer US: Whitney Jackson
DoP: Shawn Kim
Production Designer: Maxwell Orgell
Wardrobe Stylist: Karen Baird
Post Production: Olivier Gondry
Dancers: Darrell “Dreal” Armstead, Isaiah Baluyot, Linda Davis, Kofro, Jaira Miller, Gary "No Noize" Morgan, Ruby Pappan, Brittany Parks, Sarah Polednak, JJ Rabone, Leon “Mann" Williams, Nick Wilson

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