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So here it is the much anticipated great debut single from the newest edition to join the Ego artist roster the Stereojackers!
Consisting of two extremely talented producers Dan Boots & Ian Simpson from Newcastle upon Tyne, the Stereojackers are rapidly establishing themselves as one of the most promising up and coming production / DJ outfit in the UK, and with 'Addiction' they are poised to win legions of new fans both in clubs and on the radio.
'Addiction' is a true hands in the air dancefloor monster. Equipped with the cutting edge production and raw energy that oozes out from all the Stereojackers tracks and featuring a vocal from David Anthony, this is an incredible production showcase giving SHM a run for their money. A large club bomb, pure and simple!
The package comes complete with a huge Bassmonkeys Remix! As always from this slick production team already responsible for a staggering 20 Top 10 Club Hits to date they strip the original into an authentic electro house groove whilst still maintaining the punch of the original for a super charged main room banger that ticks the box on the Radio 1 style dance smash.
A perfect example of pop meets dance fusion that has future dancefloor hit written all over it.

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