Ryan Doyle 2013 Parkour in Baku City

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After Ryan Doyle, the 28-year-old freerunner and parkour athlete from Britain traveled across the globe in a quest to discover his own seven wonders of the world, he chose Baku, Azerbaijan as a place where he could make a totally different - spiritual journey and expand his freerunning horizons in a completely different way.

Baku is known as City of Contrasts. Ryan decided to use that and create together with the production crew a special unique video, which would be a contrast to all other parkour videos -- something quite surreal with different feel and different look -- full of life philosophy and access to his private area and even his dreams.

"When you are a freerunner, it does not have to be all about destination and going from point A to point B, at the end of the day I am not trying to get anywhere and nobody is chasing me. I realized that it was time for me to do something really different -- an artistic and poetic video, where nothing really makes a sense, nothing really connects to each other and I can just dance and play with the environment" -- says Ryan.

Haydar Aliev Cultural Centre, designed by Zaha Hadid -- the major new venue and landmark building for Baku, Shirvanshahs' Palace in the Inner city of Baku, oil fields, Opera and Ballet Theatre, Public Library, towers of Philharmonic Hall, rooftops of old Baku were those remarkable buildings and places Ryan was "dancing" with during his inner and outer journey in Baku.

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