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Promises Ltd. - Days of Lavender

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Promises Ltd. is the union of Jeremy Malvin otherwise known as electronic musician Chrome Sparks and Charlie Brand of the band Miniature Tigers. The duo’s eponymous debut EP will be released on August 19 via Majestic Casual Records. We're excited to share with you their first single, "Days Of Lavender". ● Download & Stream →
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Promises Ltd. was created over the course of many late night sessions in Jeremy’s Brooklyn Navy Yard studio throughout 2015. Aided by Malvin’s synth heavy, gazey analog productions and

Brand’s bittersweet and reflective vocals, Promises Ltd. work toes the line between underground dance music and modern day alternative.

As with the genesis of most bands, the duo came together in the most natural of ways - as friends whose friendship morphs into a musical endeavor. Brand notes that the band “started very organically without much thought going into it other than two friends wanting to write music together. Over the course of a year Jeremy would send me rough instrumental ideas that I would write to. We would then get together at his studio and arrange and further produce the songs together. It naturally worked out to where I was writing lyrics and singing everything and he played all the instruments and manned the controls.”

Speaking of the four tracks on Promises Ltd. Malvin explains “the songs really shaped themselves. All we wanted was to make songs that were fun to make and fun to listen to. Once there were enough for a proper release, we just put a cap on it.” “I don't think we really had a clear vision as to what this was going to be. We just wanted to make music that felt good and had no limitations or guidelines.” Continues Brand. “Once we had an amount of songs that felt right we decided we were finished with the EP. We spent a lot of time crafting this EP but none of that time was spent over thinking or over working. everything happened very naturally and the second something didn't feel that way, we would change gears.”
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