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Nazim Babayev wins the Men's Triple Jump | Athletics | Baku 2015 European Games

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Nazim Babayev wins the Men's Triple Jump

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Considered to be amongst the world’s most ancient sport competitions, the first evidence of Athletics dates back as early as 2250 BC when it was first depicted in Ancient Egyptian and Greek drawings. In the modern era, Athletics remains one of the most widely participated in sports worldwide, and Baku 2015 will feature a number of track and field events as part of the inaugural European Games.

Athletics at Baku 2015 will encompass the European Athletics Team Championships 3rd League. This innovative and exciting format for the number of Olympic sport will include up to 15 national teams, competing in 40 events for men and women where each team will have one athlete per event. Points will be awarded to each athlete and at the end of two days of intense competition the three leading teams will be awarded medals.

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