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Man 'buried 10-year-old daughter alive because she was a girl'

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Man 'buried 10-year-old daughter alive because she was a girl'
Abdul Hussein is accused of gagging and tying up his young daughter before burying her in the ground while his wife was out

A man has been arrested for trying to bury his 10-year-old daughter alive because she was a girl.

Police say the shocking incident in Tripura, India, saw Abdul Hussein dig a pit in his back garden while his wife was out, and then put his daughter in the hole with her hands roped together and her mouth taped up.

Her dad is then said to have filled up the pit to chest level, with pictures showing the young girl with her arms and head above the dirt floor.

Dipankar SenguptaTripura_girl_buried_aliveShockin­g: The little girl was found by neighbours after her mother became suspicious
When Abdul's wife returned home he put a bamboo basket over their daughter's head, with the intention of burying her completely later on, NDTV reports.

But his wife began to question where the little girl was, and she was soon discovered by neighbours.

They are said to have beaten up the dad before calling police.

Abdul was then arrested, and now faces a charge of attempted murder.

GoogleTripura MapArrest: The man is now being held in the state of Tripura
The case comes four months after a seven-year-old girl clawed her way to safety after allegedly being strangled and buried alive in the Uttar Pradesh region of India.

The youngster was found by shocked villagers after they heard her cries for help.

The little girl, named Tanu, told police her aunt and uncle had taken her from her mother's house days earlier and buried her in the field.

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