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It Ain't Over Yet: 24 years, 8 months, 11 days, in 2 minutes

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This time-lapse film is a compilation of (mostly) still photographs, one of several that I've made as part of a personal project entitled 'Every Day'.

'Every Day' is an ongoing visual document involving self-portraiture, in it's most literal sense, performed within a set of guidelines. Since February 23rd, 1987, I have, on a daily basis, made a photograph of my face. Reserved exclusively for this procedure are a single camera, tripod, strobe and white backdrop. A small, additional tripod and backdrop make the setup portable; it goes with me when I travel. I use the same type of high-resolution film (Kodak Technical Pan until it was discontinued in 2007, Ilford Pan F since then) and the same strobe lighting. The camera is always set and focused at the same distance. When taking the picture, I try to center myself in the frame, maintain a neutral expression and look straight into the lens.

It is important to me that each day's image be no more nor less than a reasonably detailed visual record of the subjectʼs presence. I have made a conscious choice to avoid odd framing, engaging composition, unusual lighting or any other strategy that would favor the photograph at the expense of the subject. Similarly, I try to minimize expression and/or visual indicators of mood or personality. In essence, my attempt has been to standardize the technical and logistic aspects of this procedure to the extent that only one variable remains: whatever change may occur in my face and flesh, measured obsessively and incrementally by the day, for the rest of my life.

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