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The film, About Azerbaijan, by Anar and Azer Garibovs has been presented in Baku.
Speaking at the presentation chief of department of information and public analysis of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Elnur Aslanov, stressed the importance of preparing such materials promoting the rich cultural and material heritage of the Azerbaijani Republic.
"The presentation of this film is a very positive fact since materials promote popularization of our country, bringing the true information about our traditions, rich cultural heritage, places of interest and people to the attention of the international audience.
Thanks to the policy of President Ilham Aliyev today Azerbaijan is developing dynamically. Not only Baku but also the regions are becoming more beautiful and this all is necessary to be demonstrated not only to the internal audience but also outside Azerbaijan", Aslanov said.
He noted that each of us should be active in such initiatives in issues of bringing positive and true information about Azerbaijan and its people to the attention of the world community since the Armenian side is trying to maximally misinform it about the issues related to Azerbaijan.
"I hope this project will become a kind of a start to a great series of such films about Azerbaijan", Aslanov concluded.
The presentation of the film "About Azerbaijan" was devoted to May 28- Day of Republic.
The film is made by ASG Production (USA) and GA Studio (Azerbaijan).
The film director is Anar Garibov and the producer is Azer Garibov.
The steering support to the film was provided by the Ireli public association under financial support of the Qarant insurance company.

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