Hardwell Presents Revealed North American Bus Tour Aftermovie with Dannic & Dyro

24 022


The Revealed North America Bus Tour aftermovie begins with Hardwell, Dyro, DANNIC, and company making a fateful mistake of entering the venue through an unauthorized area that happens to be one of the most haunted places in the world. This mistake resulted in unexplained happenings throughout the rest of the tour. In addition to the explosive footage of the guys rocking massive dance floors, the aftermovie displays their entertaining antics while travelling, in their hotel rooms, at dinner, and backstage - even dealing with ghosts firsthand. Fans can expect to see Hardwell, Dyro, and DANNIC outside of their comfort zone on what has been dubbed the "Haunted Bus Tour," while also getting to know the whole spectrum of life on the road.

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