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Blue - King of the World

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Official music video for “King Of The World” by Blue, taken from the new album ‘Colours’, out March 2nd.
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Take me back
To the time
We would talk all night
Those healing words
I’d never heard
Put my world to rights
She told me that
“You don’t see what I can see”
This life is full of…possibility”
She’s gave me more than gold, gave me all I need
Without her I’m a poor man
I’d be the king of the world
If you were by my side
Coz when you gave me your love I was the richest man alive
Now I’m broken, hoping
You’ll come back in my life
I’d be the king of the world
If you were here tonight
Remember when
Way back then
We’d lie there in the dark
My best friend
We said we’d never end
As we looked up to the stars
She showed me how to be all that I could be
She broke into my heart and set me free
She gave me a reason to believe
Without her I’m a poor man
Oh oh oh
Come back in my life
Oh oh oh
I need you here tonight
Coz without you I’m a poor man
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