Baku International Students Club (activities)

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Baku International Students Club (BISC) was established by the support of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) and the volunteers group at the end of 2006. Necessity of establishing such an organization dealing with the problems of foreign students having education in Azerbaijan that doesn’t exist in Azerbaijan was the initiative of students of the International Relations and International Law Departments at the Baku State University and a group of foreign students. BISC aimed to carry out activities and conduct projects related to the integration of intergovernmental cultural and moral values; bring the objective and detail information on the events in the social-political life, social-economic development of the country to the foreign students’ attention; struggle against terror in globalized world; attain the students’ international solidarity for peace and safety in the world. BİSC was officially registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on December 26, 2007.
The main objectives of BISC are the followings:
• Support to resolve the foreign students’ problems-members of BISC;
• Use perfectly the students-youth force in integration process of Azerbaijan into international community and strengthen their role;
• Realize events/meetings on learning the truth on the countries the members represent and propagate them;
• Endeavour for world youth and students’ solidarity in the struggle for safe life and against terror despite their religion, language, race, gender and citizenship;
• Join the process for strengthening the intergovernmental cultural relations;
• Create links with like students-youth clubs acting in different countries of the world; inform them on Azerbaijan, the Azeri student-youth; and the student-youth creative potentiality;
• Follow closely the further fate of foreign students who have had education in Azerbaijan; collect information on their lives and activities; organize regular meetings with them in Baku;
• Support the international student exchange process.
BISC implemented several project towards achieving its aims. In November, 2006 a group of students from BSU by the support of IEPF submitted a project proposal titled: “Transition to Bolonia process as the part of integration to the unique European education space”. The project was in accordance to the “Student Grant program” held by the financial support of Open Society Institute- Support Fund (SOROS), Project Harmony, Catholic Support Service. The intputs from the project include the Application of credit system, reasons impeding the substantial transition to this system and investigation of existed problems, wide awareness activities, discussions at seminars and round-tables, definition of teaching staff and students’ opinions and proposals on Bolonia process. The final output was the compiling of results and published as a book “Silk Way of the Science”; the book was distributed free of charge among educational institutions in Azerbaijan. Along with it, members of BISC started to investigate the unnamed graves of Turkish soldiers in Masazir settlement (February 2, 2006); they recorded the talk of local inhabitants and prepared a project proposal how to include this place on the list of tourist route.
In December 2006 there was held a meeting jointly with Turkish students on “Turkish world and its problems: youth pledges”.
BISC conducted trainings on project preparation procedures for the students from various education institutions of Azerbaijan.
On 23 February, 2007 BISC organized commemoration day on Khocali Tragedy under the motto “No Terror!”. Member of Parliament, scientists, representatives of media and civil society and students of various universities participated in the ceremony. At the completion the participant adopted a statement to the world community, international organizations and international student clubs.

On March 23, 2006 BISC implemented a project on the greatest and oldest national holiday Novruz-“Novruz Holidays” aiming to introduce our history, historical places, customs and traditions, national cuisine and music to foreign students and via this to bring the true information on Azerbaijan history and life to the attention of foreign students and believe that they will carry on all what they see and acquire in Azerbaijan to their own country.

BISC participated in I and II Republican Fair of Youth organizations organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan on June 29, 2007 and on June 15, 2008.
In August, 2007 BISC organized trainings on students’ rights in Quba region within the frame of the project “Informal trainings for integration among the students and strengthening of networking” for representatives of foreign students, youth organizations and youth from Baku and region. The training was held in English by the teacher of International Education Centre.
On September, 2007 BISC became the member of International Student Exchange ERASMUS Network (ESN) and it received a right to represent Azerbaijan at ESN. Ayseba Mirzayeva, is the national Representative of ESN in Azerbaijan.
For the provision of foreign students’ relations within BISC, the Club could create collaboration ties with various universities of Baku, such as BSU, Baku Slavyan University, Khazar University, University of Tourism and so on. A memorandum on creation of future collaborations was signed between Hamlet Isakhanli, Rector of Khazar University and BISC as soon as the Club became the member of ESN.
BISC as the member of ESN started to organize events within the frame of project “Nations’ Introduction Day” and jointly with Pakistani students by the financial support of the Pakistani Embassy to Azerbaijan there was held “Pakistan Introduction Day”. The event was aimed to improve the relations between the counties, fasten the cultural integration among the nations and provide the Pakistani students to introduce their country to foreign students. BISC plans to organize the series of such events with introduction of other nations as well.

To bring the objective and true information on integration of intergovernmental cultural and moral values, events occurred in social-political life and social-economic development of the country to the foreign students’ attention; struggle against terror in a globalized world and achieve the students’ solidarity in protecting peace and safety; implementing various projects in this direction.

BISC organized the foreign students’ visits to many regions of Azerbaijan. But these visits were very short. But in this project the students will have appropriate plan according to which they are going to act. BISC worked on several issues, conducted surveys on refugees’ life conditions and published information on the results of their activities.

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